SetuTrade Legal Terms

1. Technology Intermediary SetuTrade is a technology-enabled market intermediary platform offered by FarmSetu Technologies Private Limited (Hereinafter known as “FarmSetu''), an agri-technology company.

2. Essence The words “platform”, “web app”, “web application”, “app” may be used interchangeably without causing any differentiation, discrimination or distinction to their underlying meaning or essence thereof.

3. By accessing or using said platform or by using the Services on the platform, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below including any additional guidelines and future modifications.

4. FarmSetu, as a technology intermediary, is not liable for any third-party (suppliers' or service providers') obligations arising out of or due to rates, quality, discounts, offers, contractual obligations and similar such instances, whether to any such buyers or otherwise.

5. Own risk You expressly agree that your use of the SetuTrade app and the services therein is at your sole risk. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, options, advice, products, services, merchandise and other information provided through the app.

6. No claims Any claims in relation to any services provided on the SetuTrade platform (including any products and services listed therein) should be made against the relevant third-party seller or service provider and FarmSetu accepts no liability in respect of any such claims.

7. Delivery All the products listed in SetuTrade are sold and delivered by the associated sellers and FarmSetu does not agree to deliver and/or fulfil the delivery of any such merchandise for any trade executed through the SetuTrade platform.

8. Digitisation FarmSetu, through its SetuTrade platform, only performs the task of digitising and automating sale and purchase transactions and shall not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever as to the resolution of disputes arising out of any trade between the farmer, trader or the trade facilitator either singly or jointly or severally.

9. All disputes between the users arising for any reason whatsoever will be subject to the competent courts within the jurisdiction of the place of trade only.

10. As a technology-enabled market intermediary, FarmSetu’s obligation is limited to only making available trade transaction data recorded on its SetuTrade platform provided such a request is made by any aggrieved party and that such a request has the requisite legal sanction.

11. Indemnification As a user, you shall, at all times, indemnify and keep indemnified FarmSetu against all sums whether by way of claims, demands, damages, costs, charges or expenses paid or incurred by FarmSetu in or in connection with any action, claim proceeding or demand instituted or made against FarmSetu caused or occasioned by your breach, failure, default or neglect, in the opinion of FarmSetu.

12. FarmSetu makes no representations, warranties, claims, guarantees or promises concerning either the terms of trade executed through its SetuTrade platform or the merchandise being traded, its quality, quantity or suitability.