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Digital Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

Building resilient, predictable, profitable and sustainable agricultural food supply chains of tomorrow

Why FarmSetu?

The world's food supply chains must become sustainable, both, environmentally and financially. 

Farmers are the primary producers and often the invisible element in the food supply chain. Looking after farmers, their land and the financial wellbeing of their farms is essential for well-performing, strong and sustainable supply chains.

FarmSetu provides technology solutions to agri businesses and their farmers to reduce costs and improve productivity. Our intuitive technology helps agri businesses and farmers to make better decisions and make agri-food supply chains resilient, predictable, and sustainable.

What is FarmSetu?

FarmSetu provides technology solutions to agri-businesses and their farmers in the supply chain to reduce their costs and improve the their profitability.

Our role is that of a technology provider. We do not buy or sell the produce or agricultural inputs. Those activities are done by our clients who are the supply chain owners and operators. Our technology enables them to manage and scale their operations efficiently
With FarmSetu, you can plan your farm operations, manage compliances, buy and sell fresh produce, plan logistics from farm gate to the factory gate or store front, buy agri-inputs, access capital easily and track and trace all your activities, driving sustainability

What is FarmSetu

We relentlessly put “Farmer First and Foremost” because all value creation in the agrifood supply chains begins at the farm. Farmer is thus the centre of our universe. Each day, our work reflects this belief as we meaningfully transform one acre at a time.

Our Full-Stack AgTech Platform

Farm digitisation, localised weather, irrigation management, pest & disease monitoring, operations & observations recording.
Access transparent and updated product information, make informed purchases and take smart input decisions.
Marketplaces for customers [D2C], institutional buyers [B2B] & dedicated supply chain platform.
Marketplaces for customers [Direct-to-consumer], institutional buyers [Business-to-business] & dedicated supply chain platform

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