Graduate Development Programme (GDP)


GDP is a full-time, 6 week long programme conducted on-site in our Nashik office. The first 2 weeks of the programme will be dedicated to a common foundation track, the next 3 weeks will be specialised tracks and last week will be a hands-on project. 

The specialised tracks will cover: Product Engineering, Product and Design and Customer Success. 

Each day of the week will be split in two halves. The first half will be focussed on theory and theoretical concepts. The second half will be hands-on practical sessions and/or group exercises. Apart from that, there will be 4 site visits. Some of the site visits might happen on weekends.  

The schematic below gives a high level overview of the GDP programme.

GDP Info


We welcome all graduate or diploma-level students who wish to apply their skills to solve real life problems in agriculture and help build food security for India. 

This programme is open to all academic backgrounds including engineering, agricultural sciences, natural and earth sciences, arts and commerce students. More than your academic background, your hunger and desire to learn and a “can-do” attitude to solve problems matters us most. 

Depending on your academic stream, we will offer challenging and intense assignments around Customer Success, UI/UX Design and Software Development (Front End Web Development, Back End Web Development, Mobile Application Development, DevOps). 

Applicants must be final year students who have finished their exams or have already finished their graduation or diploma programmes.

This is a mandatory pre-condition. If selected after the GDP, the candidates have to join FarmSetu and start working immediately as full-time employee.


This intense 6-week, full-time GDP offers a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced team in the agritech sector. The programme has a lot of on-the-field learning opportunities. The focus is less on theory but high on applied skills. 

The participants will have the opportunity to gain industrial training while simultaneously building technology skills. This will be your opportunity to get out of the classroom and come face-to-face with the real world. You will discover the differences and similarities between theory and practice. 

After successful completion of GDP, you will be in position to apply theoretical principles to solve real world problems. You will see the vast difference in scale between laboratory excipients and actual commercial operations. 

After 5 weeks of indoor learning and field visits, this GDP will culminate into a mini project. You will be given a problem and expected to come up with a technology-led solution. You will work in small but sharply focused teams blending different skills to iterate the solution in a rapid prototyping manner.

At the end of the programme, we will roll out offers to select candidates to join the FarmSetu and Vesatogo team on a full-time basis immediately. On successful completion of GDP, a certificate would be issued. 


While our senior team members will guide you at every step of the way, here’s what we expect you to have right on Day One:

  • Own laptop [Minimum: Core i5 10th Gen, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, Windows 10 OS, 14” display]
  • A smartphone/tablet with sufficient internet data plan [iOS 13 / Android 11 and above]
  • A notebook and pen to take notes throughout the day 
  • Fluency in Marathi or Hindi and working knowledge of English  
  • 100% course attendance
  • At the end of the programme, if offered the full-time role, you will accept the job offer and join immediately
  • The training is on-site and the roles are on-site roles - no remote candidates will be entertained 
  • Make your own travel, lodging and boarding arrangements


The programme is being offered free of charge and doesn’t have any fees. Therefore, seats are limited and we want to choose the best and most deserving candidates. Each candidate has to submit his/her latest résumé and write a one A4 page Statement of Purpose (SoP) answering the questions: 

“What’s your motivation to join this programme?”
“What do you bring to the table compared to many others in the queue?”

Your résumés and statements of purpose shouldn’t be more than one page long each. For the SoP, use Arial as the font with font size set to 11 and text alignment justified. 

Only those candidates shortlisted on the basis of their résumé and SoP will be contacted for the detailed interview round. 

Apply by emailing your résumé and statement of purpose to: