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We believe the Indian education system is falling short of creating the right talent for building innovative products in the agricultural sector.

Moreover, the system does not help students develop an “applied orientation” and craftsmanship to solve real world problems in the food supply chain.

Product development companies thrive and grow in a healthy tech ecosystem. Access to top technical talent is a sign of a healthy tech ecosystem. Not having access to this talent is currently a serious constraint for innovation and growth of the sector.

This is why we are creating SetuSchool: School of AgriTech (SoA) to provide short, practical, vocational training courses to create specific skills needed for FarmSetu Technologies, Vesatogo Innovations, and the broader agri-industry.


The SetuSchool aims to build talent and capacity in the agritech domain by encouraging young students to apply their skills to solve real-world and fundamental agricultural problems. Most importantly, this programme will create opportunities for such a talent to acquire life skills and find a purpose in life.

As a first step, we are creating a Graduate Development Programme (GDP) under SetuSchool.

This programme aims to take recent graduates and diploma holders with a “right” mindset to instill product development principles in them and create the next generation of “thinkers, creators and builders”.

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